A Pink Christmas Is A Happy Christmas

Pink is a color that encompasses so many expressions in one: love, flirty, fun, and pretty just to name a few. It can be both bold and soft at the same time and can take just about any space and turn it into something charismatic and entrancing. This makes pink a perfect hue for the holiday season, so why not use a pink Christmas theme to amp up the joyful spirit!

A pink Christmas tree is a unique and positively lovely start to your pink Christmas décor this year—not to mention that it is super fun to decorate! Use all shades of pink to accessorize your tree, from ball ornaments to glass icicles and snowflakes, to even a splash of gold or white ribbons here and there for an extra flair of complimenting color. For a further pop of sweet pink, wrap your gifts in pale pink paper and tie them up with ribbon in a pink shade that matches the tree. A fuzzy white tree skirt also adds a cozy touch.

Pink wreaths and pink garlands for your doors and windows will tie the pink Christmas motif together in your home. Remember to really use your options between all the different hues of pink! Stockings in blush, hot pink, and even magenta really make your mantle stick out, along with more one of a kind type accents like pale pink poinsettias. Shades of pink look really wonderful on loads of different types of fabric, so this allows you to let your personality shine through your pink home décor with everything from felt bubblegum wreaths to rosy floral arrangements in glittery fuchsia teacups.

Deeper shades of pinks in bolder prints like zebra bring out a sophisticated and eclectic style to your pink Christmas décor. Use this hue for table settings or sitting areas in which people gather to add an extra spark of energy to a pink home decor themed room. A pink Christmas is a happy Christmas!

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