Beautiful Pink Butterfly Girl Shower Curtain

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I think most us agree that butterflies are a beautiful gift from nature and always a welcoming sight when outdoors or in the garden, where they dance gracefully from flower to flower.

The beauty of butterflies is well recorded in soulful poems, legends and folklore with spiritual connections to various cultures around the world, making this often stunningly colorful winged insect an inspiring force of nature and a symbol of freedom, as the saying goes “Butterflies are free to fly away!”

if you love butterflies, this breathtaking shower curtain featuring a silhouette girl with beautiful pink butterfly, fairy wings and floral dress, will be a magical find, that’s certain to make a mystical focal point in your bathroom over the bathtub.

The shower curtain measures 70″ in length x 69″ in width, is made of 100% polyester and waterproof, mildew, mold and soap resistant . No problem machine washing the curtain, which also comes with plastic hooks for easy installation.The imagery is printed on with no dyes used

if you believe in the beauty of nature and would love a standout feature in the bathroom, this is the shower curtain for you!

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