Bold Beautiful, Pink And Black Zebra Print Queen Blanket

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Animal prints partner superbly with a range of colors including popular wavy zebra stripes and hot pink, a super favorite with all age groups. When you add a bold and beautiful blanket like this to the bed or use it as a throw on the sofa, something amazing happens as the zebra’s standout pattern mixed with pink guarantees, a stunning decor dynamic!!

Size of this deluxe, Queen fleece blanket is approx 72″ x 88.” Fabric is 100% Microfiber polyester and for those of you who see cotton as King you might be pleasantly surprised to know that today’s microfiber’s have come a long way in terms of quality and are generally soft to the touch, stain, shrink, fade, mildew and wrinkle resistant. They are also breathable just like cotton, extremely durable, light-weight, more affordable, always a budgeting plus and hold their shape well after regular washing.

For fans of zebra print this inexpensive blanket will be a great addition to their theme, as the trendy look of the zebra stripes can be seen in bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas and kitchens, always making a bold and classy statement!

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