Pink décor is a universally beloved motif for kids and teens alike. It is a hue that mixes well with any existing décor theme, and it especially looks amazing in a bedroom. So, what better gift this Christmas for the young one in your life this year than pink bedding and its joyful-like décor?

Pink is such a versatile way to dress up any room, whether it be a simple, fluffy comforter or a full-on bedroom set complete with frilly curtains, sparling pink wall decals, and princess print sheets and shams. Even small accents can really set off any bedroom, and make for even better holiday gifts. Think hot pink shelving for nick knacks or a baby pink, furry lamp shade to read under. A soft pink, metal jewelry holder or perhaps pink frames around all wall art and photos can really be a special present for any avid lover of the lovely shade.

Perfect, Pink Decor, Furniture Gifts For Christmas!

For bigger Christmas gifts, there are furniture pieces that are simply breathtaking in a pink hue. Wooden bed frames, shabby chic pink dressers, or storage cubbies and shelving with magenta silk lining are as pretty as they are functional. No matter what taste in style or personality the person you’re gifting to this year has, you can never go wrong (or have too much) pink home décor!

Posh Pink Bedding

PInk Christmas Decor, Furniture Gifts

Pretty Pink Bedding Christmas Gifts For Teens Kids

Canopy Bed!

Perfect Pink Canopy Bed For Christmas

Kids Pink Chaise

Pretty Pink Kids Chaise


Elegant, Fashionista Pink Wall Hooks


Elegant Pink Wall Hooks

Gorgeous Pink, Chandelier Table Lamp

PInk Paris Throw Pillows, Always A Good Idea!


Pink Paris Throw Pillow














Pink is without a doubt the most fun shade on the color wheel, and it makes for an incredible canvas in designing a room full of personality. In the bedroom specifically, for those of all ages, pink bedding sets can be fun, interchangeable, and catered to any style.

The many hues of pink range from the softest of baby pinks to the boldest of hot pinks, and any of these can be merged with amazing patterns like camouflage, animal prints, or geometric looks. No matter what your personality, you can infuse pink into your bedding set as bright or as subtle as you choose with ease.

Let your creativity run wild! Into the shabby chic décor? Pink bedding is perfect for this look, so start with rose-colored sheets and duvet with ivory lace trim. Have a thing for the Parisian style? Comforters and throw pillows with iconic Paris imagery such as the Eiffel Tower or French cafes are as beautiful as they are functional. Of course, you can’t forget just how perfect pink pairs with princess themes!  Another popular look—especially for younger girls—is bringing pink into a princess styled room. Liven up bedding with a unique, pink tulle princess canopy, and create a real-life fairytale!

Regardless of your design style, pink adds the perfect pop to any bedroom.

Pink Camo

Pink Vintage/Shabby Cottage

Pink Geometrics

Pink Animal Prints

Pink Paris, Eiffel Tower

Modern Pink

Pink Princess
















Pink is arguably the most versatile hue on the color wheel, which makes it ideal for fabulous decorating. With so many shades to choose from, pink looks incredible on all sorts of fabrics and décor schemes in the home, no matter what your personal taste. Pink is especially beautiful in the bedroom, and whether you’re looking for youth design or something a little more grown-up, changing up this space is seamlessly easy.

Pink bedding is a great place to start with snazzing up your bedroom décor, so let your creativity shine here! Baby pink comforters with Disney princess imagined sheets are perfect for a little girl’s room while hot pink hues mixed and matched with leopard print or polka dots are gorgeous on a teenager’s bed. Youth bedding of all ages also looks fantastic with different shades of pink from throw pillows to shams to bed skirts and even all the way down to small details like bed post tassels.

For the adult pink-lover, there are also tons of choices of pink bedding to turn any bedroom into a romantic, lovely space. Silk, dark pink sheets blend magnificently with a ruffled powder pink duvet lined with silk. A patched pink quilt for summer gives off a whimsical feel during those warmer months, while fuzzy pillows in blush hues ads a certain coziness in the winter.

Regardless of who you’re decorating for, pink home décor is a chance to take your space to the next level.


Pretty Pink Princess Theme

Fabulous Pink Florals

Contemporary Pink

Romantic  Shabby Pink

Classic Pink Roses






Mention the word pink and the reaction is often mixed, as this soft, emotive hue has been stylized as a color baby girl’s are dressed in and most likely their nurseries are decorated also. Just goes to show how conditioning can get under your skin as back in the 19th century it was deemed as very correct for an infant boy to wear the masculine color of pink and girls to shine in pretty blue.  Hard to believe you may think but even in the early twentieth century it was thought that the stronger pink hue was much better suited to boys and a softer blue hue for girls. In fact, in 1927 the authoritative Time magazine presented an article based on the top American retailers thoughts, that baby girls should be dressed in blue and boys in pink, until everything got completely turned around in the 1940’s, when clothing manufacturers of the time began promoting pink for girls and it’s remained this way ever since.

From the moment our mothers dress us girls in our first cute pink outfit, we are defined as feminine and carry this thought with us through our growing years until we get married and dress our bridesmaids in pink, then our first born Diva in the same way. So the question is why are most of us girls turning away from decorating our homes in this decidedly, favorite girly hue?.

For one thing if we are sharing our abode with a male partner, husband we have to remember that he was probably dressed from day one in blue, so the clash of early child hood colors becomes a point of contention as us girls look to decorate our bedrooms in colors and style to suit our feminine side and our other half feels completely out of sorts with the prospect of a girls, pink bedding set or color on the walls. Men might be from Mars and women from Venus but it hasn’t helped that we have defined at such an early age, by color as well.

We are even told that every color has a special meaning and I am not here to deny that prospect but at the end of the day there’s no doubting we are heavily influenced by the marketing of those who would have us dress in the color of their choice. You just have to see the influence of fashion and it’s different seasonal styles and colors, how affected we can be as to what we should be wearing and what color is considered in vogue at any given time.

A collective thinking can so change how we do things and coloring our homes pink takes an adventurous grown-up soul who says to the world, I am doing this simply because I love this color! it’s time to stop thinking that only baby girls and little princess toddlers are allowed to embrace pink and make it a color that is no longer worn or used to decorate their bedrooms once they become a certain age. if pink has become the color for girls only, then why not embrace it wholeheartedly at any age  with a pink home decor that sparkles with this magic mix of vibrant, call to action red toned down by the addition of pristine white. Pink is an exciting room color, which works well with charcoal/grey, a classic with a teens Paris decor theme, earthy browns or orange for a jazzy, retro appeal, while royal purple adds a glamorous royal overview, the blending of soft green or white inspires a peaceful, romantic glow!

Pink can be sophisticated and sexy, which could be a scary thought for those who still equate this dynamic hue with baby girl clothing, but I think it’s important to remember that it is just a color and the choice is ours as to how we define it in our home furnishings

I am a huge fan of pink and can see how we’ve been influenced to think there is a specific way we should view it and use it when deciding our clothing or colors to decorate our home, so if you love pink why not create the pink home decor of your dreams!!

Classic Pink And Green Living Room

Retro Pink And Orange Theme

Elegant Pink And White


Pink And Brown Bedroom

Pink And Grey Bathroom

Pink And Purple Bedroom




A themed room is a picture of interior design magic, as it generally means using a set color scheme with coordinating decor items to create a space that has a distinctive and unified look!

So what if you’re favorite color in the whole wide world is pink and secretly you would love to have a pink home decor interior that reflects your ongoing passion for this feminine, romantic hue, but are a little nervous as to how you can make it work.

This girly, glamorous color was probably your staple dress code from the moment you came into this world till the day you could make choices about what you wanted to wear. The old adage pink for girls, blue for boys was ingrained into your thinking as a color synonymous with the baby, toddler years and now still an ardent fan you might be struggling with the concept of a mature pink interior, that’s not set upon by friends or family as being too girly for a grown-up!

It’s interesting because pink has so many calming, nurturing and unconditional love (always a nice thought) qualities in Feng Shui, making it the perfect hue to shake off the daily stresses of work and life by creating a tranquil pink abode. if you’re in a relationship it may be an uphill climb getting those bedroom walls painted in pink and that goes back to the gender color stamping of boys and girls at birth, but if the color choices are all yours why not embrace your unique girl power and make a plan for a classy, contemporary pink home. You can however mix and match furnishings to bring in a more masculine element that you might be surprised to know, can be very girl/guy chic!

Decorating in a grown up style with the color pink is easier than you think and when done superbly well has no similarity to a pink princess bedroom you may have enjoyed in more youthful times. Just choose the style of furniture, decor you would like but imagine in your mind, which components will look the most fabulous in a lighter or darker shade of magical pink!

You could make a grand statement in the living room with a hot pink sofa or add bright or soft pink throw pillows to a white or black sofa you may already have. Pink always packs a powerful decor punch so style a room to pronounce your pink furnishings and they won’t clash with other colors you want to introduce. it’s quite extraordinary the way pink coordinates with many other hues and for a softer look, make white it’s confident pairing partner or black for a strong sophisticated pink home decor appeal. Pink is also stunning with different patterns like leopard and zebra print, chevron, damask and of course popular “on trend” geometrics.

To create the kind of look you see in interior design mags, know what kind of end result you want to achieve and if you need a little help, check out what others have done and how they have mixed other colors and decor styles. Experiment as much as you like because this is the key to a fabulous completed look with pink!.

Beautiful Pink, Black And White Bedroom 

Pretty Pale Pink Living Room

Elegant Pink Sofa


Pink Bedroom For Guys And Girls

Glamorous And Grown Up Pink Interior

Up until the 1900’s babies were dressed in white, then it was not unusual to see boys wearing pink and girls dressed in blue until fashion dictated and by the 1940’s the color pink was deemed a feminine hue, while blue was now definitely for boys.

Some girls might just breathe a smile of relief at this outcome as their bedrooms would today be shades of blue and not the adorable pink that just somehow feels right for girls! Just goes to show how much the fashion industry can dictate our thinking when it comes to gender specific color.

For a truly girly bedroom look the color pink is always a popular choice. You could paint the walls into a pale pink then add white or Pink furniture with hot pink accents for a gorgeous feminine look or create an elegant Paris theme with white or pink walls, French style furniture, black and white damask patterned bedding and hot pink throw pillows plus a sparkling crystal chandelier to enhance the magical look!

Pink loves others colors and patterns and in this modern age the mixing of various shades of pink with trending hues such as lime green, turquoise and red has a powerful appeal in a Pink home decor themed girls bedroom, while adding pink to animal prints, geometrics, chevron and damask create a decor WOW Factor that is hard to resist.

A Pink home decor can also be fun, funky, romantic, happy, feminine and elegant and depending on what style you prefer, you can create a bedroom that matches your mood and personality with a little or lot of pink!.









So you love the color pink and feeling super brave want to add pink furniture to your gorgeous pink home decor look!

The good news is you can get some beautiful pink furniture pieces to match your pink home decor dream, giving you the pink haven you have always wanted. In fact surrounding yourself with pink can have a very calming effect and considering it is possibly the most romantic, feminine color on the plane,t it makes sense to decorate your girly abode with touches of soft or hot pink using wall color, curtains, bedding or cushions to jazz up individual rooms with your favorite hue!

Pink furniture is bound to have an impact on any space and you can mix it with popular patterns like zebra print, damask, stripes or the super cool chevron pattern for a stunning effect.

in this fabulous day and age of incredible decor choices you can make any room in your home exactly as you choose and if that is a pink bathroom, bedroom or living room you secretly desire it might be time to make that change and have the look you always dreamed of. You could create a pink feature wall and offset it with a pink sofa, accent chair or just add a few pink pillows/throws to a much loved comfy sofa, to liven up the look!

Decorating with pink will create a relaxing ambiance and a fresh, soft look for your home.


Pink is a simply lovely color that comes in all different sorts of hues and looks absolutely brilliant on tons of fabrics and patterns. This makes pink a great source for decoration inspiration in the home, especially when you’re feeling extra creative. For the wonderfully bold personality and avid lover of this beautiful shade, incorporating pink home décor in bigger and smaller pieces alike can really add a vibrant depth to your space.

Bringing pink room décor into your living room specifically really illuminates your taste and love for all things pink! Pink has such a personality all its own so it is important to make sure that you don’t overdo that amount of color within one space. Mixing and matching different shades of pink helps to keep your living room not overwhelming and still allows you to utilize tons of pink in your décor scheme. Use accessories like throw pillows and blankets that have a black or white main hue pattern with a bolder hot pink lettering against items that are a solid, paler pink like a sofa or love seat. Sheer pink window curtains mix beautifully with crystal pink chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Likewise, a pastel pink rug complements bright cherry blossom wall decals brilliantly, and along one of your walls, you can even put together a bookshelf with pink backing boards. For more subtle sprinkles of pink, home accents such as yellow and pink wall clocks, pink-hued canvas art, tall pink vases and votive candles, or even rosy pink flower arrangements can breathe this joyous color into your space without so many bolder statements.

When bringing pink home décor into a main space like the living room of your home, you really get the chance to entertain visitors to a visual masterpiece of décor that offers a happy, bright aura.

Glamorous Pink Rooms


Pink is a color that encompasses so many expressions in one: love, flirty, fun, and pretty just to name a few. It can be both bold and soft at the same time and can take just about any space and turn it into something charismatic and entrancing. This makes pink a perfect hue for the holiday season, so why not use a pink Christmas theme to amp up the joyful spirit!

A pink Christmas tree is a unique and positively lovely start to your pink Christmas décor this year—not to mention that it is super fun to decorate! Use all shades of pink to accessorize your tree, from ball ornaments to glass icicles and snowflakes, to even a splash of gold or white ribbons here and there for an extra flair of complimenting color. For a further pop of sweet pink, wrap your gifts in pale pink paper and tie them up with ribbon in a pink shade that matches the tree. A fuzzy white tree skirt also adds a cozy touch.

Pink wreaths and pink garlands for your doors and windows will tie the pink Christmas motif together in your home. Remember to really use your options between all the different hues of pink! Stockings in blush, hot pink, and even magenta really make your mantle stick out, along with more one of a kind type accents like pale pink poinsettias. Shades of pink look really wonderful on loads of different types of fabric, so this allows you to let your personality shine through your pink home décor with everything from felt bubblegum wreaths to rosy floral arrangements in glittery fuchsia teacups.

Deeper shades of pinks in bolder prints like zebra bring out a sophisticated and eclectic style to your pink Christmas décor. Use this hue for table settings or sitting areas in which people gather to add an extra spark of energy to a pink home decor themed room. A pink Christmas is a happy Christmas!