Pink flamingo's are taking the world by storm and appearing not only as lawn ornaments, where they were super popular back in the 1950's but in today's home decor with kids and grownups who love the flirty, flamingo look! Brighten Up The Bathroom,...

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Pretty as a picture with embellished pink, green and white cottage flowers, is a pretty (5) piece bathroom accessory set featuring a soap dish, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder plus two tumblers, the ideal look for a shabby cottage, French country,...

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This beautiful shower curtain will bring an elegant, natures ambiance to your bathroom with a showstopping peach tree design in vibrant shades of pink,lilac, grey, white and tan! Size is 72" x 72" and made of water/mold resistant polyester...

$29.99 as at 18:29 UTC. (Details)

Elegant and superbly chic, this beautiful shower curtain featuring a silhouette girl with a butterfly dress and crystal pink chandelier, is an opulent choice for a majestic or pink themed bathroom. You can choose from two sizes, the first being a...

$16.99 as at 21:33 UTC. (Details)

All too often the bathroom shower curtain is last on the list when it comes to decorating our homes but with the wide range of colors and styles available at budget friendly prices, we are now able to give our bathrooms a shower curtain to suit our...

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A floral masterpiece of pink peony flowers makes for a visually beautiful shower curtain, in any bathroom where the artistry of nature, is always the preferred choiec! What Are The Measurements and Material? Size is 72" x 72" and can be purchased...

$15.99 as at 10:20 UTC. (Details)

I think most us agree that butterflies are a beautiful gift from nature and always a welcoming sight when outdoors or in the garden, where they dance gracefully from flower to flower. The beauty of butterflies is well recorded in soulful poems,...

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it's got the "cool retro look," with a classic geometric design, in pink and gray that instantly gives a fun appeal to any bathroom! You'll be jumping in the shower humming songs from the sixties and making the kids giggle as they listen to mom...

$11.14 as at 21:15 UTC. (Details)

Bring elegance and romance to your bathroom with this vintage/shabby chic, pink ruffled shower curtain.The look will conjure up images of grandeur as your bathroom becomes a haven for embracing your  beautiful, feminine self Size is 72" in width...

$26.95 as at 02:43 UTC. (Details)

"Tout simplement magique!" Bring the magic of Paris to your bathroom with this inspiring, illustrative shower curtain featuring the stunning Eiffel Tower, nestled amongst the trees against a romantic pink background. Size is 72" x 70" Fabric...

$16.43 as at 02:56 UTC. (Details)

Ruffles and romance make this the ideal shower curtain for a feminine shabby chic, Paris inspired bathroom. So beautifully elegant in pastel pink, the curtain size is 72" x 70," fabric is 100% polyester. (Machine washable) Matching curtains...

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Why shouldn't a bathroom be glamorous! If you add this luxurious, hot pink shower curtain with a creative circle motif to your bathroom, you better get ready for the flood of compliments you are likely to receive from friends, family and visitors...

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Looking for a soft pink shower curtain to give your bathroom an elegant appeal! This one is appearing in homes everywhere as you can't beat the look or price for all round value. Size is 72" x 72" Fabric is 100% polyester, water resistant...

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Beautiful pink and white damask shower curtain to add a touch of glamor and elegance to your bathroom. Ideal for a Paris themed bathroom as damask was a favorite of French kings in a time of immense  grandeur and opulence. Size is 72" x...

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Girls only shower curtain in black, white and pink with every touch of girl glamor you could think of from gorgeous vintage dresses to shoes, jewellery, perfume and purses that so fits the fashionista personality bill of a modern, Parisian...

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