Pink Bedroom Ideas

Up until the 1900’s babies were dressed in white, then it was not unusual to see boys wearing pink and girls dressed in blue until fashion dictated and by the 1940’s the color pink was deemed a feminine hue, while blue was now definitely for boys.

Some girls might just breathe a smile of relief at this outcome as their bedrooms would today be shades of blue and not the adorable pink that just somehow feels right for girls! Just goes to show how much the fashion industry can dictate our thinking when it comes to gender specific color.

For a truly girly bedroom look the color pink is always a popular choice. You could paint the walls into a pale pink then add white or Pink furniture with hot pink accents for a gorgeous feminine look or create an elegant Paris theme with white or pink walls, French style furniture, black and white damask patterned bedding and hot pink throw pillows plus a sparkling crystal chandelier to enhance the magical look!

Pink loves others colors and patterns and in this modern age the mixing of various shades of pink with trending hues such as lime green, turquoise and red has a powerful appeal in a Pink home decor themed girls bedroom, while adding pink to animal prints, geometrics, chevron and damask create a decor WOW Factor that is hard to resist.

A Pink home decor can also be fun, funky, romantic, happy, feminine and elegant and depending on what style you prefer, you can create a bedroom that matches your mood and personality with a little or lot of pink!.









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