Pink Home Decor With A Glamorous Grown-Up Look

A themed room is a picture of interior design magic, as it generally means using a set color scheme with coordinating decor items to create a space that has a distinctive and unified look!

So what if you’re favorite color in the whole wide world is pink and secretly you would love to have a pink home decor interior that reflects your ongoing passion for this feminine, romantic hue, but are a little nervous as to how you can make it work.

This girly, glamorous color was probably your staple dress code from the moment you came into this world till the day you could make choices about what you wanted to wear. The old adage pink for girls, blue for boys was ingrained into your thinking as a color synonymous with the baby, toddler years and now still an ardent fan you might be struggling with the concept of a mature pink interior, that’s not set upon by friends or family as being too girly for a grown-up!

It’s interesting because pink has so many calming, nurturing and unconditional love (always a nice thought) qualities in Feng Shui, making it the perfect hue to shake off the daily stresses of work and life by creating a tranquil pink abode. if you’re in a relationship it may be an uphill climb getting those bedroom walls painted in pink and that goes back to the gender color stamping of boys and girls at birth, but if the color choices are all yours why not embrace your unique girl power and make a plan for a classy, contemporary pink home. You can however mix and match furnishings to bring in a more masculine element that you might be surprised to know, can be very girl/guy chic!

Decorating in a grown up style with the color pink is easier than you think and when done superbly well has no similarity to a pink princess bedroom you may have enjoyed in more youthful times. Just choose the style of furniture, decor you would like but imagine in your mind, which components will look the most fabulous in a lighter or darker shade of magical pink!

You could make a grand statement in the living room with a hot pink sofa or add bright or soft pink throw pillows to a white or black sofa you may already have. Pink always packs a powerful decor punch so style a room to pronounce your pink furnishings and they won’t clash with other colors you want to introduce. it’s quite extraordinary the way pink coordinates with many other hues and for a softer look, make white it’s confident pairing partner or black for a strong sophisticated pink home decor appeal. Pink is also stunning with different patterns like leopard and zebra print, chevron, damask and of course popular “on trend” geometrics.

To create the kind of look you see in interior design mags, know what kind of end result you want to achieve and if you need a little help, check out what others have done and how they have mixed other colors and decor styles. Experiment as much as you like because this is the key to a fabulous completed look with pink!.

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