if you are creating a princess or Paris themed bedroom for the girl who knows exactly how she wants her bedroom to look, this beautiful, Baroque style chandelier in "girl power," pink is sure to be a stunning spectacle of shimmering pink...

$79.00 as at 18:45 UTC. (Details)

This kooky, hot pink lamp must surely get the "Smile Factor" award for something a little different with a "look what I did," humorous appeal. it's the appropriately named "Woopsy" lamp that is bound to get people grinning, which makes it a great...

$22.89 as at 17:57 UTC. (Details)

The magnificent art of creating beautiful shapes from skilled artisans of the past is represented here with this awe-inspiring ceiling medallion, which there is a rumor was found in an 18th century, Parisian chateau where it hung above a...

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#1 Best Seller! Finishing touches are everything in home decor and this palatial, Victorian ceiling medallion is the perfect fit for an exquisite chandelier to grace your room with all the style and stateliness you desire.. Size is 10" in...

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This adorable pink, desk lamp is designed for today's, home office necessities with a base that provides storage for pens, pencils and a handy space for your IPad.  A simple ON/OFF switch puts you in control while a classic goose-neck allows you to...

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Setting up a pink or Paris themed bedroom? Nothing completes an elegant look more than a beautiful,crystal chandelier which add a touch of class and opulence to a room where a princess would feel at home.. This faux, crystal chandelier has stood...

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