Why Not A Pink Home Decor Theme?

Mention the word pink and the reaction is often mixed, as this soft, emotive hue has been stylized as a color baby girl’s are dressed in and most likely their nurseries are decorated also. Just goes to show how conditioning can get under your skin as back in the 19th century it was deemed as very correct for an infant boy to wear the masculine color of pink and girls to shine in pretty blue.  Hard to believe you may think but even in the early twentieth century it was thought that the stronger pink hue was much better suited to boys and a softer blue hue for girls. In fact, in 1927 the authoritative Time magazine presented an article based on the top American retailers thoughts, that baby girls should be dressed in blue and boys in pink, until everything got completely turned around in the 1940’s, when clothing manufacturers of the time began promoting pink for girls and it’s remained this way ever since.

From the moment our mothers dress us girls in our first cute pink outfit, we are defined as feminine and carry this thought with us through our growing years until we get married and dress our bridesmaids in pink, then our first born Diva in the same way. So the question is why are most of us girls turning away from decorating our homes in this decidedly, favorite girly hue?.

For one thing if we are sharing our abode with a male partner, husband we have to remember that he was probably dressed from day one in blue, so the clash of early child hood colors becomes a point of contention as us girls look to decorate our bedrooms in colors and style to suit our feminine side and our other half feels completely out of sorts with the prospect of a girls, pink bedding set or color on the walls. Men might be from Mars and women from Venus but it hasn’t helped that we have defined at such an early age, by color as well.

We are even told that every color has a special meaning and I am not here to deny that prospect but at the end of the day there’s no doubting we are heavily influenced by the marketing of those who would have us dress in the color of their choice. You just have to see the influence of fashion and it’s different seasonal styles and colors, how affected we can be as to what we should be wearing and what color is considered in vogue at any given time.

A collective thinking can so change how we do things and coloring our homes pink takes an adventurous grown-up soul who says to the world, I am doing this simply because I love this color! it’s time to stop thinking that only baby girls and little princess toddlers are allowed to embrace pink and make it a color that is no longer worn or used to decorate their bedrooms once they become a certain age. if pink has become the color for girls only, then why not embrace it wholeheartedly at any age  with a pink home decor that sparkles with this magic mix of vibrant, call to action red toned down by the addition of pristine white. Pink is an exciting room color, which works well with charcoal/grey, a classic with a teens Paris decor theme, earthy browns or orange for a jazzy, retro appeal, while royal purple adds a glamorous royal overview, the blending of soft green or white inspires a peaceful, romantic glow!

Pink can be sophisticated and sexy, which could be a scary thought for those who still equate this dynamic hue with baby girl clothing, but I think it’s important to remember that it is just a color and the choice is ours as to how we define it in our home furnishings

I am a huge fan of pink and can see how we’ve been influenced to think there is a specific way we should view it and use it when deciding our clothing or colors to decorate our home, so if you love pink why not create the pink home decor of your dreams!!

Classic Pink And Green Living Room

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Elegant Pink And White


Pink And Brown Bedroom

Pink And Grey Bathroom

Pink And Purple Bedroom




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